6.2.9 Version 4.7.0

4.7.0 MetaDefender Email Security release

Release Date: May 31, 2019

MetaDefender Email Security 4.7.0 is a feature release focusing on the new dashboard look & feel and the new navigation structure.

New & improved

New, simplified navigation structure

Email Security page navigation has been restructured. Some pages have been raised to the top level, some others have been merged. For details see 4.1 Dashboard, 4.3 Quarantine and 4.4 Email history.

Old entry


New entry

Dashboard > Overview

raised to top level


Dashboard > Email History


Audit > Email History

Dashboard > Failed Emails

moved & merged into

Audit > Email History

Dashboard > Refused emails


Audit > Refused Emails

Dashboard > Config History


Audit > Config History

Dashboard > Quarantine

raised to top level



Improved dashboard look and feel

Email Security Dashboard has been completely redesigned so that it can provide the users with really useful information and provide shortcuts to important pages. For details see 4.1 Dashboard.


Display statistics on the dashboard

Email Security now has some new statistics about the threats prevented and emails handled. For details see 4.1 Dashboard.

To see the statistics details, click on the Show details link at each widget.

Malicious attacks prevention

This view shows the top file formats that have been sanitized.


Advanced threat detection

This view shows the top malware that was detected and prevented by the system.


Data loss prevention

This view shows the top data loss threats that were detected and prevented by the system.


Inbound and outbound emails

These views show the top email senders and recipients.


Support partial archive sanitization

Core 4.15.1 required

This feature requires MetaDefender Core version 4.15.1.

There is the new SKIP PARTIAL SANITIZATIONS option under Policy > Security Rules / add/modify / ADVANCED / OVERRIDE SANITIZATION BEHAVIOR, that will instruct Email Security to not replace partially sanitized archives in email attachments, handle them as if there was no sanitization at all for these files.


For emails, where partial sanitization was skipped, Audit > Email History / Email details will show the skip event.



"Illegal characters in path" errors

Email Security reported i llegal characters in path errors for certain emails. These emails failed permanently, there was, however, no real reason for this failure: the emails were available on the filesystem.