6.2.15 Version 4.7.6

4.7.6 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

November 27, 2019

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 4.7.6 is a maintenance release focusing on performance tuning and other minor improvements and fixes.



Improved performance during high load

Email processing performance has been improved when product is experiencing high load and will reduce timeout errors & retries.

SMTP send error when using connection pool

The error The SmtpClient is already connected could occur when sending emails using an SMTP connection pool.

Email history date filtering not working

The email history filter date was sometimes not working correctly.

Failure to modify Email Alert settings after upgrade

When performing an upgrade of MetaDefender Email Gateway Security any changes to the Settings > Email Alerts tab could fail to apply.

Duplicate email disclaimers when sending emails from iPhone/Apple Mail

Email disclaimers could appear duplicated when sending emails from iPhone/Apple Mail.

Sanitization status will display Success despite one or more failures

The message Sanitization succeeded could be displayed in Email Details, even when one or more sanitization failure was reported by MetaDefender Core.

Global Settings > Resend settings renamed

Settings > Global Settings / Resend settings has been renamed to Retry settings to better reflect its purpose.

Quarantine Report could include 0 new emails

Quarantine Report could include 0 new emails when the option Only include quarantined emails that were blocked was selected.