6.2.12 Version 4.7.3

4.7.3 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

September 30, 2019

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 4.7.3 is a maintenance release focusing on minor fixes.

New & Improved

Expiration date / time in rescan notifications

In its notifications MetaDefender Email Gateway Security can now tell exactly when the re-scan link expires for emails containing password protected attachments.

For further details see 4.7 Support for password protected attachments and 4.2.1 Disclaimer variables


Added sender address to file name on Vault

To be easier to look up uploaded emails, Email Gateway Security now adds the sender address to the directory name on Vault.

For details see 4.9 Integration with MetaDefender Vault.

All files are created in the installation directory

All (temporary) files created are now located under the Email Gateway Security installation directory.

Previously some temporary files were written into the Windows Temp folder (C:\Windows\Temp).



Empty email bodies caused Deep CDR errors

Sanitization of the body of emails that had an empty body failed in certain circumstances (e.g. when the sending user agent was on i OS 13.1, or later).

Email Gateway Security now skips scanning / sanitization for empty content to avoid sanitization failures for HTML files without a content.

Could not change Settings > Global Settings

After upgrading from version 4.7.1 to 4.7.2, it was not possible to modify certain setting under Settings > Global settings. Saving the modified configuration resulted in the Error while modifying configuration message.