6.2.2 Version 4.5.0

4.5.0 MetaDefender Email Security release

MetaDefender Email Security 4.5.0 is a feature release focused on introducing MetaDefender Vault integration and adding an option for skipping sanitized emails from quarantine report

New & improved

Integration with MetaDefender Vault

Added the ability to integrate with MetaDefender Vault. You can now upload email attachments directly to MetaDefender Vault while they are processing, and replace the attachments with a URL to the uploaded file. For more details and example uses cases click here.

Option to not list sanitized emails in quarantine reports

Added an option to Settings → Quarantine reports to list only blocked emails. By enabling this option, emails which are in quarantine due to sanitization won't show up in the quarantine report.

Improved readability of the Actions tab in Security Rules

"Notify recipients if email is blocked" displayed only when the selected action is "Block email". Disabled disclaimers are hidden. Added more noticeable section separators.

Option to use local timezones in remote syslog

It's now possible to configure a remote syslog to use the server's local timezone in the log messages instead of UTC.


A batch would open and close without a file to scan

When you turned off the scanning for email bodies and received an email without an attachment, a batch was still opened and closed without files to scan. These unnecessary steps have been removed.

Domain based filtering was not working without regex

When filtering for emails from/to a given domain one should write ".+@exampledomain.com". Now a simpler format "exampledomain.com" can also be used.

Typo and renaming
  • "Sanitizitation failed" status in email details was fixed to "Sanitization failed"

  • "OVERRIDE DEFAULT BEHAVIOR" was renamed to "OVERRIDE ERROR HANDLING BEHAVIOR" in Security Rules → Advanced tab