6.2.13 Version 4.7.4

4.7.4 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

October 22, 2019

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 4.7.4 is a maintenance release focusing on minor improvements and fixes.

New & Improved

Notification on encrypted attachments only

Email Gateway Security now has the option to send a notification email only in case when an email was blocked due to encrypted attachment (and not for every blocked email).

To configure Email Gateway Security to send notifications for blocked emails with password protected attachments only, go to your rule under Policy > Security Rules and set the value of SEND NOTIFICATION FOR to ONLY EMAILS WITH PASSWORD PROTECTED ATTACHMENTS.

For further details see 4.2 Security rules. images/download/attachments/2978446/image2019-10-18_10-40-8.png



Response was slow on the user interface

Due to some lack of optimization in the database, the user interface was irresponsive or slow in certain cases and under heavy load.

Data retention did not clean up properly

The configuration under Settings > Data Retention was not correctly applied and did not clean up old records of failed emails in Audit > Email History.

HTTPS could not be specified for Vault

HTTPS scheme couldn't have been specified for MetaDefender Vault type server profiles under Inventory > Server Profiles for the field VAULT SERVER URI ADDRESS.