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This documentation is also available for offline users in both HTML and PDF formats. The online user guide is always updated to the latest available version.

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  • Metadefender Core v4.x: Online

  • Metadefender Core v3.x: Online

  • Metadefender Kiosk: Online

  • Metadefender Endpoint Management: Online

  • Metadefender ICAP Server v4.x: Online

About Metadefender

Metadefender is a powerful data security solution that allows you to scan your data through multiple anti-malware engines, heuristics, data sanitization (aka Content Disarm and Reconstruction) and additional threat protection technologies. Metadefender Core is the "heart" of Metadefender, processing data from sources such as Metadefender Mail Agent, Metadefender ICAP, the Metadefender Kiosk, as well as customer developed integrations utilizing the flexible Metadefender APIs.