6.2.16 Version 4.7.7

4.7.7 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

December 19, 2019

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 4.7.7 is a maintenance release focusing on performance tuning and other minor improvements and fixes.

The most important news are summarized in the table below.

New & Improved

New details in processing history

The processing history in Audit > Email History now contains a new event when all email modifications are complete and the email is ready to be sent.


For further details see the Processing history section in 4.4 Email history.

Rescan page Japanese translation

The recan page is now available in Japanese translation when preferred by the browser or selected manually.

Configurable processing properties

Administrators can tune the email processing performance of Email Gateway Security setting the in_folder_timer_interval and max_email_insert_count tunables.

For further details see 3.1.2 Windows Registry configuration.


Growing queue under heavy load

Under heavy load and in specific circumstances a queue of pending emails was building up. Email processing was further optimized to eliminate this phenomenon.