3.7.1 MetaDefender Core specific inventory properties

Query parameters

Addresses specified in CORE URI ADDRESS may contain optional query parameters for specific use cases.


With the optional query parameters the Core URI is formatted as follows:

URI schema with query parameter

Valid parameters



Use case



32 characters long API key of an account that belongs to the role the Core side rule is restricted to.

Core side rules may be restricted to roles (for details see 3.6.4. Workflow rule configuration in MetaDefender Core v4 documentation). ICAP Server can use these rules if:

  1. A user is created on Core,

    1. That belongs to the role the Core side rule is restricted to;

    2. And the user has an API key generated.

  2. In ICAP Server the Core is added to a server profile

    1. And the API key above is specified in the Core URI.

URI example with query parameter


Right after the CORE URI ADDRESS has been specified, and is valid (connection can be established) the RULE drop-down list is populated with the available rules on the corresponding MetaDefender Core instance.


The desired security rule may be selected from the configured Core's available rules. Default is Automatic.

Please note that if the security rules on the configured MetaDefender Core under Policy > Security rules are limited to a specific user agent other than mdemailsecurity or restricted to specific roles, then those security rules will not be available in MetaDefender Email Gateway Security.

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security identifies itself on MetaDefender Core with the user agent mdemailsecurity.


Prior to version 4.2.0: Please note that Enable archive handling must be enabled and the Archive engine must be active on Core so that MetaDefender Email Gateway Security can work properly. For further details see 2.1.2 System requirements.



From version 4.2.0 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security uses batch scanning instead of archives so enabling archive handling is not necessary anymore.

On the example below the Core rule Kiosk is not listed on Email Gateway Security as that rule is restricted to user agent kiosk.

Otherwise all unrestricted core rules are in the list. images/download/attachments/2978947/image2017-9-8_13-6-15.png