6.2.14 Version 4.7.5

4.7.5 MetaDefender Email Gateway Security release

November 12, 2019

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security 4.7.5 is a maintenance release focusing on minor improvements and performance improvement related fixes.

New & Improved

Export Audit > Email History into CSV

Email Gateway Security now supports exporting Audit > Email History to CSV.

For further details see the Operations / Export to CSV section in 4.4 Email history.



SMTP (outbound) connection pooling

To improve performance, Email Gateway Security can now c ache and reuse SMTP relay connections.

SMTP connection pooling can be configured for SMTP type server profiles under Inventory > Server Profiles / Add new profile | Modify profile.

For further details see 3.7 Server profiles.


Increased list length for Email history

Email Gateway Security now supports list lengths of 250 and 500 entries in Audit > Email History and Quarantine to be easier to handle large batch operations. (Previously the maximum list length was 100 entries.)




Unknown characters after Deep CDR

After processing certain emails with Deep CDR, incongruous characters appeared in the text making it unintelligible.

Forbidden emails were quarantined

Forbidden emails (emails that did not match any rule defined in Policy > Security Rules) were unnecessarily showing up in Quarantine.

Files or empty directories left over

After processing, orphaned files or empty directories might have remained in the temporary files space.

Emails marked Failed skipped retry

When Core was failing scans with the result Failed ( scan failure threshold exceeded the limit in the Core side rule, or all engines failed) , emails skipped retries and they were sent straight to the quarantine.