1.1 Installation

Before starting the installation please make sure your server computer or virtual machine meets the minimum hardware and software requirements.

Installing MetaDefender Email Gateway Security on Windows

  1. Download

    1. MetaDefender Email Gateway Security stand-alone Windows installer (mdemailsecurity-<version>-1-x64.msi, for example mdemailsecurity-4.0.0-1-x64.msi) from the OPSWAT Portal

    2. MetaDefender Email Gateway Security bundle Windows installer (mdemailsecurity-bundle-<version>-1-x64.msi, for example mdemailsecurity-bundle-4.0.0-1-x64.msi) from the OPSWAT Portal

      • If you already have a MetaDefender Core installed or wish to scan using MetaDefender Core on a separate server select the stand-alone installer (a).

      • If you want to install MetaDefender Email Gateway Security & MetaDefender Core on a single server, select bundle (b).

  2. Copy the installation package to your server computers

  3. Install the product by executing the installer

  4. Open a web browser and point to:

    http://<server name or IP>:8058

    <server name or IP> is the DNS name or IP address of your server

  1. Follow the steps in 1.1.1 Basic configuration wizard

For more information on Installation procedures see 2.2 Installing MetaDefender Gateway Email Security.