Managing Metadefender Core Module

Administrators can leverage OPSWAT Central Management to centralize management of modules for MetaDefender instances . OPSWAT Central Management downloads, stores, and distributes update packages to connected MetaDefender Core instances.

MetaDefender Core modules can be found at Inventory > MetaDefender Core Modules .


OPSWAT Central Management updates modules based on the modules available in all connected MetaDefender Core instances when the module update process happens.

During the update process, the module updater communicates with each MetaDefender Core instance to compile a complete list of modules. The updater then communicates with OPSWAT's module update server to check if there are any updates available and downloads those updates to the OPSWAT Central Management. The updates are ready for distribution to the MetaDefender Core instances immediately. Please refer to Delivering module updates to MetaDefender Core instances to learn how to distribute updates to MetaDefender Core instances.

Administrators can determine what modules should be available in the update process by enabling modules from the Module inventory.

Administrators can update modules on-demand by clicking UPDATE NOW to trigger an update process and download module updates to OPSWAT Central Management. Beside that, administrator can schedule an update under Settings > Server Configuration > Module Update

To utilize the module updater, the MetaDefender Core instances must have their Source setting set to Internet in the Update Settings menu in the MetaDefender Core management console.

Unused modules for more than 7 days (such as having been removed from the MetaDefender Core instances) will be removed from OPSWAT Central Management.