4.1.1. Setting up domain

If you have a domain name assigned to your OPSWAT Central Management server, you can configure it on the OPSWAT Central Management to embed that domain name into the OPSWAT Client installers and portable clients. OPSWAT Client will use that domain name to connect to the server. This change can be performed on the setup wizard or later in Setting → Server Configuration.

OPSWAT Central Management supports IPv6. Either IPv4 or IPv6 format can be used for the Server URL field.


Please be aware that changing domain name or IP address of the OPSWAT Central Management server can cause devices that have installed OPSWAT Client to be unable to connect to this server

On the setup wizard

After a fresh installation, a setup wizard will be loaded to walk you through setting up your OPSWAT Central Management server. You can enter the domain name you assigned to your OPSWAT Central Management server in the Server Settings step.


From Server Configuration

You can modify the domain name of your OPSWAT Central Management server at any time in Settings > Server Configuration > Device API.