Importing from URL

The following guideline describes how to import data from an older version of OPSWAT Central Management (from version 5.2.7) using its URL

  1. Fill out the information and then click the IMPORT button.


    • Username, Password: The administrator credential used to access the older OPSWAT Central Management server

    • Central Management 5.x URL: The URL of the older OPSWAT Central Management server

  2. The information dialog will be opened, please check the migration information before go on to the next step.


  3. The loading dialog will be opened.


  4. Import History will update with the result from the finished import process.

  5. The dialog will be closed and the Import/Export page will be reloaded automatically with updated Import History if the result is successful.


Multiple imports from the same server will only update new changes from the last import. If no change is detected for a specific section, the import history will display '0' in the corresponding column.