2.4.1. Activating license

This section covers how to activate your OPSWAT Central Management server.

Initial Steps

  1. To activate your product, go to the Settings > License menu in the Web Management Console.


  2. Click the Activate button to bring up the Activation dialog, where you can activate the product from available options and follow steps according to an option you choose:

    • Online Activation: The product will contact the OPSWAT license portal to activate itself based on your Activation key and its Deployment ID.

    • Offline Activation: You can upload a license file generated from your Activation key and the product's Deployment ID, which can be downloaded from OPSWAT Portal.


For a successful activation, a valid activation key is required regardless of what option is chosen.

Online Activation

To activate the product with this option, the below requirement must be met:

  • The server has an Internet connection and can connect to OPSWAT License portal (https://activation.dl.opswat.com/)

  • You have a valid activation key for OPSWAT Central Management

With Internet connection, OPSWAT Central Management can be activated directly using the Activation key received upon purchasing the product. Perform the following steps for an online activation:

  1. In the Activation dialog, choose Online Activation.


  2. Fill the Activation Key field with your key.

  3. Fill the "Describe This Deployment" text box.

  4. Click the ACTIVATE button to activate.

If your license is valid, the product shall be activated with number of device limit as you purchased. Otherwise, you will get an error message.

Offline Activation

You can activate the product with this option if you have a valid activation key. The Deployment ID of the OPSWAT Central Management instance and the Activation key received upon purchasing the product or a trial key .


Please follow the steps detailed below to acquire the activation file containing the unlock key required for offline activation.

  1. Log into https://portal.opswat.com/activation.

  2. Select OPSWAT Central Management for the field MetaDefender Package.

  3. Fill in the requested information about your deployment.

  4. Click the Request Unlock Key button. The Download Unlock Key link appears.


  5. Click the Download Unlock Key link and save the activation file.


  6. Go back to Offline Activation in OPSWAT Central Management console. Browse for the activation file and click the ACTIVATE button.


If you have activated your installation, but your license then becomes invalid or expired, you will see an error message.