5. Release Notes

7.4.0 OPSWAT Central Management release

January 9, 2020

OPSWAT Central Management V7 (OCMv7), a newest version of the series, streamlines the product central configuration and added OPSWAT Client management to further enhance the security stance of organizations to protect against risky devices.

Built-in OPSWAT Client version


Windows Persistent Agent

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.771.0

Windows On-demand Agent 7.3.443.0

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.771.0

macOS Persistent Agent

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.631.0

macOS On-demand Agent

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.631.0

New Features


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7's support

OPSWAT Central Management now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 operating system.

MetaDefender Core Processing History

OPSWAT Central Management now allows users to view the combined processing history from all MetaDefender Core instances under its management.


MetaDefender ICAP and MetaDefender Email Security offline configuration support

Settings changes can now be applied retroactively to instances that were offline at the time.

Import/Export improvement

Import/Export feature now include groups and sets.

SSO configuration without license

Administrators can now configure SSO option without activating a license.

Port configuration for the console interface

The default port for OPSWAT Central Management console can now be changed within the console.

Event log now displays all available data since initial installation

The 30-day retention limit for event logs is removed.

Bugs Fixed

Offline activation of OPSWAT Central Management license failed in certain network configurations

OPSWAT Central Management now properly generates information used to generate an offline license file from the OPSWAT portal.

OPSWAT Client could not be manually updated because of failed files verification

Fixed the verification of uploaded OPSWAT Client files.

OPSWAT Central Management failed to start on certain Windows system's locale configurations

Changed the startup sequence to be locale-independent.