5. Release Notes

7.9.0 OPSWAT Central Management release

September, 2020

OPSWAT Central Management V7 (OCMv7), a newest version of the series, streamlines the product central configuration and added OPSWAT Client management to further enhance the security stance of organizations to protect against risky devices.

Built-in OPSWAT Client version


Windows Persistent Agent 7.6.330.0

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1416.0

Windows On-demand Agent 7.3.507.0

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1416.0

macOS Persistent Agent

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1301.0

macOS On-demand Agent

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1301.0

Release notes

Available here

New Features


MetaDefender Core Dashboard

With the integration of ELK technology, the MetaDefender Core Dashboard feature provides a general overview of the status and activities of all managed MetaDefender Core instances

Update History

The Update History feature maintains a record of all events related to OPSWAT Central Management's MetaDefender Core module update function.



Improved Config History feature

  • The Config History feature now supports exporting its data, including filters if present, as a .csv file.

  • Added more event types: PIN reset, password reset, license update.

  • The user interface has been enhanced for better readability.

Immediate update of MetaDefender Core instance's module list

OPSWAT Central Management now immediately updates the module list of a MetaDefender Core instance when its license is updated, instead of relying on a scheduled job.

Expand the event types supported by the Event Log feature

Import and export events are now logged as "Administrative Events".

Import/export support for MetaDefender for Secure Storage instances

The Import/Export feature now supports MetaDefender for Secure Storage instances

Bugs Fixed

The refresh function for MetaDefender Dashboard did not work.

Fixed an issue with filters being incorrectly applied to the refresh function.

Syslog sent from a MetaDefender Kiosk instance that was registered with its domain name did not appear on the dashboard.

Corrected the origin resolution of syslog to the the Kiosk instance it belongs to.

Date inconsistencies between the data displayed in the MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard and in the actual MetaDefender Kiosk instance's console.

Ensured that the datetime format matches for the two interfaces.

Shortcut link to the ELK settings page in MetaDefender Dashboard resolves to the wrong page.

Corrected the shortcut link.

Valid module update files sometimes failed validation.

Corrected the validation algorithm.

MetaDefender Core update files were not removed even if the "Deleted files after import" option is select for the Folder Updater function.

Fixed the detection of already imported files.

Exporting Processing History data with filters applied produced an incorrect file (either empty or wrongly filtered).

Fixed an issue with sorting the data for export.

Config History did not properly reload the data when changing filters if the data spans multiple pages.

Ensured that the filters are applied to all pages.

Exporting Config History data with a specified timeframe caused an Internal Server error.

Ensured that a valid datetime format is always specified

Config History showed that ELK configuration was created even if user didn't make any changes.

Corrected the detection mechanism of configuration changes.

The detail of an "Apply Set Settings" action in Config History was displayed as blank.

Fixed the parsing of the setting changes.

Config History did not log "login through SSO" events.

Added the event type to the Config History feature.

Refresh token for a MetaDefender for Secure Storage instance was not updated properly

Fixed an issue with old refresh token not being overridden with a new token.

Could not add MetaDefender for Secure Storage instance using email instead of username.

Added email support.

The license information of a reconnected MetaDefender for Secure Storage instance did not display properly.

Corrected the license information update routine to run upon reconnection.

MetaDefender for Secure Storage instance had the wrong version displayed.

Corrected the version checking routine.

The download links generated for OPSWAT Client's reports were invalid.

Fixed the download link generation routine.

Imported MetaDefender Drive instances did not get counted in the Overview dashboard.

Fixed the Overview dashboard.

Importing data from OPSWAT Central Management v5 without the correct SSL certificated displayed the wrong error message.

Failed certificate validation should now produce the correct error message.

OPSWAT Central Management failed to start on Windows system after setting a group policy for Powershell.

Fixed an issue where OPSWAT Central Management failed to gain elevated privilege due to an unintended interaction with a defined group policy.

OPSWAT Central Management could not be reinstalled on Windows system after a user downloaded the portable version of OPSWAT Client on the previous installation.

The installer now uses UNC path format as a workaround for Windows file path's length limit to the installer. You may have an issue with this fix on older version of Windows. Please refer to this article here for more details.

The support package tool failed to generate a package due to missing log folder.

The support package tool now skips missing components.