5. Release Notes

7.7.0 OPSWAT Central Management release

June , 2020

OPSWAT Central Management V7 (OCMv7), a newest version of the series, streamlines the product central configuration and added OPSWAT Client management to further enhance the security stance of organizations to protect against risky devices.

Built-in OPSWAT Client version


Windows Persistent Agent

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1181.0

Windows On-demand Agent 7.3.471.0

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1053.0

macOS Persistent Agent

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1090.0

macOS On-demand Agent

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.1090.0

New Features


MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard

  • Integrate ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) technology to improve MetaDefender Kiosk instances management feature.

  • The MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard provides a general overview of the status and activities of all managed MetaDefender Kiosk instances

Update MetaDefender Core modules from folder

The MetaDefender Core module update feature now supports updating MetaDefender Core modules by adding the downloaded update files to a designated folder.

Ubuntu 18.04 support

OPSWAT Central Management now supports Ubuntu 18.04 systems.



Support IPv6 address for the Device Management feature

The Device Management feature now supports devices using IPv6 address.

Enhance user experience according to Section 508 guideline.

OPSWAT Central Management has been updated to follow the requirements detailed in Section 508.

Automatically update MetaDefender product's vpack data

When a product instances is updated to a newer version, OPSWAT Central Management now automatically updates the associated vpack data for compatibility with the new version.

MetaDefender Drive is not yet supported.

Increase data retention length

OPSWAT Central Management's default data retention length is now 365 days instead of 30 days.

Improve license information for MetaDefender Vault

The license information for managed MetaDefender Vault instances now contains the number of users currently registered to the license and the maximum number of users allowed for the license.

Bugs Fixed

The database did not properly enforced role-based access control when connecting from a mongodb client

Fixed a configuration issue that cause role-based access control to be enforced upon mongdb client.

The server profile of a MetaDefender ICAP instance displayed a wrong format error after being added to OPSWAT Central Management

Corrected the initialization data sent to the MetaDefender ICAP instance.

Newly updated MetaDefender Vault instances' settings page has the old user interface from previous version

Implemented cache cleanup routine for vpack data when updated MetaDefender Vault instances are detected.

Cannot connect to MetaDefender Core instances of version 4.16.3+ with HTTPS configured

Updated the connection test routine.