5. Release Notes

7.2.0 OPSWAT Central Management release

October 4, 2019

OPSWAT Central Management V7 (OCMv7), a newest version of the series, streamlines the product central configuration and added OPSWAT Client management to further enhance the security stance of organizations to protect against risky devices.

Built-in OPSWAT Client version


Windows Persistent Agent

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.771.0

Windows On-demand Agent 7.3.443.0

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.771.0

macOS Persistent Agent

  • Supported MetaDefender Core Load-Balancer Layer 7

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.631.0

macOS On-demand Agent

  • Built-in SDK 4.3.631.0

New Features


Product Set and Group management

Same product instances can be organized into Sets and administrator can assign product sets into Groups. By this way, administrators can now configure settings to apply to instances in a Set.

By default, instances will be assigned to a default set for that product and all sets are assigned to a default group

Note that instances in a Set should be in the same version to avoid incompatible issues.

User and User Group management

Administrators can create new users with different access level to the management console based on their assigned roles.

Active Directory integration

OPSWAT Central Management now integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory service to allow administrators provision users to access OPSWAT Central Management console. Administrator can import users or user groups from existing user directories provided by the Active Directory service and assign them roles to determine their access level. This helps centralize user management.

MetaDefender Core module updater

OPSWAT Central Management can download, store and distribute module updates to managed MetaDefender Core instances.

Improved import/export function

Data can be migrated between OPSWAT Central Management v7.2.0+ instances by exporting and importing data. The transferred data is customizable, allowing a selection of all instances from a given product type as well as users and user directories data.

MetaDefender ICAP and Email Gateway Security management (Preview mode)

Administrators can manage MetaDefender ICAP and MetaDefender Email Gateway Security instances.

Known issue: if an instance disconnects from OCM, administrator couldn't update settings on the instance.


Added a mechanism to automatically detect system proxy

If a valid system proxy is set, OPSWAT Central Management will automatically adopt it.

Updated configuration wizard

When installing OPSWAT Central Management for the first time, the configuration wizard now has a data import step to support data migration from another OPSWAT Central Management instance. Updated wizard also include minor UI improvements.

MetaDefender Core and Vault instances can now recognize being managed by OPSWAT Central Management.

After being added to or removed from OPSWAT Central Management, MetaDefender Core and Vault instances (v for Vault) can update its "Managed" status correspondingly.

Separate HTTPS configuration from the main nginx's configuration file.

HTTPS configuration is now configured in the file ssl.conf. Please refer to Enabling HTTPS for more information.

Added a warning message when adding a disconnected product instance.

OPSWAT Central Management will confirm with the users if they are adding a disconnected product instance.

Improved UI's consistency.

The UI was reworked to ensure all design elements follow a consistent format.

Bugs Fixed

License of disconnected instances imported from OCMv5 was shown as Expired.

License information for disconnected product instances imported from Central Management v5 is now shown as N/A instead of Expired.

The login page couldn't be loaded in Internet Explorer 11 after restarting the OCM.

The login page can now be loaded in Internet Explorer 11 after restarting the OCM.

License information for MetaDefender Vault was not updated appropriately when the license is deactivated or expired.

Fixed the license check routine for MetaDefender Vault

"Agent Out Of Date" filter did not work correctly in the Vulnerabilities page.

Devices will be listed correctly based on filter criteria in the Vulnerabilities page.

Didn't update MetaDefender Cores in Settings > Global Settings > MetaDefender Servers when an instance was deleted under the Inventory page.

MetaDefender Cores in Settings > Global Settings > MetaDefender Servers are now updated when an instance is removed

Cannot log in to the console with an account imported by URL from Central Management v5.x.

Corrected the account information imported from Central Management v5.x.

OPSWAT Central Management service still attempted to start after failing requirement checks.

OPSWAT Central Mangement service immediately stops if it fails requirement checks.