5. Release Notes

7.14.0 OPSWAT Central Management release

March 31, 2021

OPSWAT Central Management V7 (OCMv7), the newest version of the series, streamlines the product central configuration and added OPSWAT Client management to further enhance the security stance of organizations to protect against risky devices.

Built-in OPSWAT Client version

Windows Persistent Agent 7.6.441.0

Detailed release notes for OPSWAT Client are available here.

Windows On-demand Agent 7.3.598.0

macOS Persistent Agent 10.4.317.0

macOS On-demand Agent

New Features

Manual Upload function for OPSWAT Central Management's module pool

MetaDefender Core modules can now be manually uploaded to the OPSWAT Central Management's MetaDefender Core modules pool.

Operator user role and product group permissions

A user of the new Operator user role has limited access to the OPSWAT Central Management console, as determined by the product group permissions granted to said user.

Administrators can use this new system to restrict access for selected users to only certain product groups (including sets and instances by extension).

Logstash support for device management logs

OPSWAT Central Management can now push device management logs to an external Logstash server.


Display the age of MetaDefender Core modules' database component

OPSWAT Central Management's module pool now displays the age of a module's database component.

Updating last seen time for devices does not require a compliance check

OPSWAT Central Management no longer requires a compliance check to update the last seen time of a device.

Status port configuration for the Windows installer

The port used by the OPSWAT Central Management service to check its deployment status (9026 by default) is configurable on the Windows installer.

More information for MetaDefender Drive instances

Two new statistics Sensitive Data File and COO Determined have been added to the MetaDefender Drive management interface.

Support for the .csv format for the MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard's Export Report function

MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard data can now also be exported to the .csv file format.

Bugs Fixed

The number of total files scanned as reported by a MetaDefender Drive instance did not match what is shown in OPSWAT Central Management.

Fixed an issue in which the total number of files scanned was not fetched correctly.

Could not upload and save a rebranding package multiple times within the same browser session.

Fixed an issue in which the reuploaded file was not correctly detected.

Internal error reported when refreshing the Update History page

Fixed a timezone-related issue.

Online license deactivation for OPSWAT Central Management did not free up the slot on the license.

Fixed an issue in which OPSWAT Central Management failed to contact the OPSWAT Central Management's license management server.

Connections via TLSv1.3 protocol to product instances with invalid certificates (for OPSWAT Products that support this protocol) were possible.

Fixed an oversight in which OPSWAT Central Management did not properly verify certificates when using TLSv1.3 protocol.

MetaDefender Kiosk Dashboard's Export Report function produced .pdf files with an inconsistent layout.

Fixed a formatting issue when exporting .pdf file.