5. Release Notes

7.15.0 OPSWAT Central Management release

May 12, 2021

OPSWAT Central Management V7 (OCMv7), the newest version of the series, streamlines the product central configuration and added OPSWAT Client management to further enhance the security stance of organizations to protect against risky devices.

Built-in OPSWAT Client version

Windows Persistent Agent 7.6.453.0

Detailed release notes for OPSWAT Client are available here.

Windows On-demand Agent 7.3.608.0

macOS Persistent Agent 10.4.319.0

macOS On-demand Agent

New Features

Update function for OESIS packages

Administrators can now update the OESIS packages included with OPSWAT Central Management via the same mechanism as OPSWAT Client and the vulnerability database.
Please refer to OPSWAT Client, OESIS, and vulnerability database for more information.

New device policy configurations for OPSWAT Client

New device policy configurations for OPSWAT Client are available:

  • Scan files when they are copied from the host PC to a removable media device.

  • Threat scanning for boot sectors.

  • Anti-Keylogger and Screen Capture Protection.


Internet mode for vulnerability database

Internet mode allows the Agent Update function to download the latest updates for OPSWAT Central Management's vulnerability database from the OPSWAT update server.

Enhanced Syslog integration with Logstash

Events from the features Config History and Update History are now included in Syslog messages.

Bugs Fixed

Unable to configure the status port number for OPSWAT Central Management on RHEL/Ubuntu versions.

Fixed an issue in which the configuration file was not properly created.

On the device detail page. the number of issues in the summary section did not match with the detailed section.

Fixed an issue in which the summary section of the device detail page did not get updated properly.

Entries in the Processing History incorrectly had the "In-Progress" status.

Ensured that processing history entries are created with valid IDs.

MetaDefender Core updates were still downloaded in Manual mode.

Fixed the scheduler routine.

Fixed various typos on the console interface.