4.2.2. Roles

Roles define the level of access a given user or user group has in OPSWAT Central Management.

There are currently 3 roles available in OPSWAT Central Management:

  • Administrator: Have full access to the management console. Can edit settings and perform all functions within OPSWAT Central Management.

  • Operator: Have limited access to the management console. For the product management feature, users with the Operator role can only manage the product groups (and by extension, product sets and product instances) that they are assigned to. They also do not have edit permission for the user management and OPSWAT Central Management license management features. Aside from the aforementioned restrictions, these users have the same capability as users with the Administrator role.

  • Read-Only: Only have viewing access. Cannot interact with settings nor perform any functions in OPSWAT Central Management.

The Roles tab is located in the User Management menu and shows the number of users assigned to each role.