Adding a SafeConnect NAC instance

The following guideline describes how to add a SafeConnect NAC instance to OPSWAT Central Management.

The OPSWAT Central Management server must have been registered with a license that provides SafeConnect NAC support in order to manage SafeConnect NAC instances.

  1. Follow the SafeConnect NAC deployment guide up to the Configure Appliance Network Settings step.

  2. For the Enter License Key step, instead of following the aforementioned guide, enter OPSWAT Central Management's OPSWAT Agent recovery key into the License Key field and fill out the OPSWAT Central Management URL (Optional) field with the correct server address.

    OPSWAT Central Management's OPSWAT Agent recovery key is located at Settings > Global Settings > Account.

  3. Select Register License Key and complete the deployment. On success, the SafeConnect NAC instance should then be managed by OPSWAT Central Management.


    • Port: The unique identification assigned to each SafeConnect NAC instance. An OPSWAT Central Management license with SafeConnect NAC support specifies a limited number of ports that can be assigned to SafeConnect NAC instances.

The status of the SafeConnect NAC instance is Connected after fetching its version successfully.