4.1.8 Config History

The Config History page, located under the Events And History submenu, contains the history of any actions that changed the configuration of OPSWAT Central Management.

  • Date: The date and time of the modification.

  • User: The user that made the modification.

  • Type: The type of modification, e.g., Settings or Product.

  • Change type: The type of action that caused the modification, e.g, Create, Update or Delete.

  • Parameter: The specific setting that was modified.

  • Old value: The value before modification.

  • New value: The value after modification

You can view the differences between the old and new values whenever OPSWAT Central Management configuration is modified. For a more detailed view, select <Click here to see the details>. Note that it is only available to certain types of modification such as applying set settings or updating ELK config. The original values are highlighted in red while the modified values are highlighted in green.