2.2.3. On Ubuntu

Preliminary notes

  • If the OPSWAT Central Management package dependencies are not installed on your system you may need to have a working Internet connection or you may have to provide the Installation media during the installation.

On Ubuntu system, please follow the below steps to install the OPSWAT Central Management package.

  1. Open the terminal.

  2. Enter the install command (requires sudo privilege):

    sudo dpkg -i <path to .deb file> || sudo apt-get install -f
  3. On Ubuntu, in order for the OPSWAT Central Management systemd service to locate environment variables such as JRE_HOME or http_proxy, the EnvironmentFile setting must be specified in the service file located at /usr/lib/ocm/ocm.service,

    1. Locate the commented out EnvironmentFile settings:

    2. Uncomment and point the settings to the environment file containing the environment variables. For example:

    3. Please include the environment variables that the OPSWAT Central Management service should use in the content of the environment file.
      Below is an example of the environment file:

      JRE_HOME=/home/currentUser/jre1.8.0_212 #the location of the JRE's installation, required but can be substituted with the environment variable JAVA_HOME corresponding to a valid JDK installation.
      http_proxy=proxy:3128 #system proxy setting, optional
  4. Reload OPSWAT Central Management service for the modification to take effect.

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  5. Start OPSWAT Central Central Management via the command (requires sudo privilege):

    sudo systemctl start ocm

In case of startup problems, please refer to the startup log in /var/log/ocm or systemd log.