Offline product activation

The following guideline describes how to activate the MetaDefender Core license offline.

  1. Select the Offline Activation option.


  2. The Offline Activation menu will be opened.


Offline Activation details

  1. Log into https://portal.opswat.com/activation.

  2. Select MetaDefender Core v4.x as MetaDefender Package.

  3. Fill in the requested information about your deployment.


    • Activation Key: The activation key of MetaDefender Core that you have received.

    • Requested Number of Nodes: The number of MetaDefender Core nodes you wish to request.

    • Deployment ID: The deployment ID shown in the previous section.

    • Optional description: The description for this deployment.

  4. Click the Request Unlock Key button. The Download Unlock Key link appears.


  5. Click the Download Unlock Key link and save the activation file.


  6. Go back to OPSWAT Central Management's Web Management Console. Browse for the activation file and click the ACTIVATE button.


  7. The dialog will be closed and the MetaDefender Core page will be reloaded automatically if the result is success.