How do I log into OPSWAT Central Management

In OPSWAT Central Management, users and groups are managed under user directories. There are two default user directories: LOCAL and THIRD PARTY.

LOCAL: Manage users created locally.

THIRD PART: Manage SSO users.


The general login format is:


Login format for the default LOCAL user directory:

Both the username/email address formats shown below are valid for the LOCAL user directory.

images/download/attachments/4089830/image-20200819-103545.png images/download/attachments/4089830/image-20200819-104326.png

Please note that users created in OPSWAT Central Management v7 (including the main administrator account created in the setup wizard during the first startup) must be logged into via their email addresses.
Users imported from OPSWAT Central Management v5 instances are instead logged into via their username.

Login format for user-defined user directories:

In the example shown below, the user belongs to the HCM CITY user directory.


The login format is similar for users belonging to an Active Directory group, i.e., <Active Directory group>\<user email> OPSWAT Central Management will search for the given user in all available Active Directory groups and return the first match.