How do I log into OPSWAT Central Management

In OPSWAT Central Management, users and groups are managed under user directories. There are two default user directories: LOCAL and THIRD PARTY.

LOCAL: Manage users created locally.

THIRD PART: Manage SSO users.


The general login format is:


Login format for the default LOCAL user directory:

Both the username/email formats shown below are valid for the LOCAL user directory.

images/download/attachments/2559302/image-20200819-103545.png images/download/attachments/2559302/image-20200819-104326.png

Login format for user defined user directories:

In the example shown below, the user belongs to the HCM CITY user directory.


The login format is similar for users belonging to an Active Directory group, i.e., <Active Directory group>\<user email> OPSWAT Central Management will search for the given user in all available Active Directory groups and return the first match.