2.3. Upgrading OPSWAT Central Management

Upgrade OPSWAT Central Management

In order to perform an upgrade to the latest version or a newer version of OPSWAT Central Management , please first uninstall the program via Windows's Add or Remove Programs tool then follow the steps described in Installing OPSWAT Central Management using command line or Installing OPSWAT Central Management using the installation wizard with a new installation package to upgrade the product.

All existing OPSWAT Central Management configuration and data will be kept during the upgrade.

Uninstalling OPSWAT Central Management will not cause any data or settings loss including files, configuration, and license. If you want to perform a clean uninstall and reinstall, please refer to Clean uninstall of OPSWAT Central Management.

Update OPSWAT Clients

You can configure how OPSWAT Central Management should update OPSWAT Clients under Settings > Server Configuration > Update Settings.

In order to allow auto-update via an Internet connection, please exempt the following URLs from being blocked by firewall or proxy: