2.2. Installing OPSWAT Central Management

Before starting OPSWAT Central Management (OCM) installation, please make sure your server meets the hardware and software system requirements .

Installation steps:

  1. Download the OPSWAT Central Management package from the OPSWAT Portal to your server. Make sure that you download an applicable package for your server operating system (and distribution).

  2. Install the package on your computer:

    1. On Windows

    2. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    3. On Ubuntu

  3. After the installation is finished, you can access the OPSWAT Central Management console via two methods.

    1. Use the OPSWAT Central Management shortcut that was created during installation on the desktop.

    2. Open a web browser and point to <server name or IP>:<port>, which is the address of your server :
      e.g., http://localhost:9000

  4. Complete the required steps of the basic configuration wizard,

  5. You must activate this deployment to use its full features.