On the first time, you access the OPSWAT Central Management Console, you are requested to complete a basic configuration wizard before using the product. The console will be available only after you have successfully finished this wizard.


To get-started, click on CONTINUE.

Sensitive information

The wizard may transfer sensitive information over an unencrypted connection. Always use this wizard on a secure, closed network or localhost, and with care!

Basic configuration steps

Admin User Setup

The next step is to set up an administrator account. This account is the first one allowed to access the Web Management Console and is used to create accounts for other users. You have to fill all the fields in this step before continuing. When you are done, click NEXT to continue.

The following information is required for the administrator account:


The unique email of the account used at the time of login and in log messages for accountability.


The name of the person bound to this account. This name (appended to the name of the account's user directory) is displayed in the top right corner of the Web Management Console.


The password of the user bound to this account, used at the time of login.

Password is sent in plaintext.


Security Question

For security question set up, see 4.5 Password Recovery

Server Settings Setup

For server settings setup, see 4.1 Setting up domain.

Product Activation

For product activation details, see 2.4.1. Activating licenses.

Import Data

For data import details, see 3.5.3 Importing from file.

Wizard Completed

After you have completed every step, click the FINISH button to complete the wizard. The product's services will be restarted and your browser will be redirected to the web management console. This can take several seconds. If the console doesn't show up, please check out our troubleshooting KB to check the issue.

You can log into the console with the administrator account that has just been created in the previous steps.