4.1.7 MetaDefender Core module update

MetaDefender Core module update mechanism

OPSWAT Central Management provides a module update function (anti-virus engines and their database) for managed MetaDefender Core instances. The MetaDefender Core modules updatable by OPSWAT Central Management are listed under Inventory > MetaDefender Core Modules.


OPSWAT Central Management provide two mechanism to update modules for the managed MetaDefender Core instances:

  1. OPSWAT Central Management searches for updates from a source specified by the users, such as from the OPSWAT update server (Internet) or from a folder on the local system (Folder), and push them to the managed MetaDefender Core instances.

  2. Users can manually upload updates for individual MetaDefender Core modules to OPSWAT Central Management Managed, which will then push these updates to the managed MetaDefender Core instances.

To configure the update mechanism that should be used, navigate to Settings > Server Configuration > Module Update.

There are three available options for OPSWAT Central Management module updater:

  • Internet

  • Folder

  • Manual

Internet Updater

The Internet updater will automatically download the module updates based on the managed MetaDefender Core instances from the OPSWAT update server.

The Internet updater includes a scheduler function, which determines when the update process should be carried out.

The following settings for the update scheduler are available:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

Update now

To trigger an update process immediately, please select Update Now at Inventory > MetaDefender Core Modules can help.

  • Update Now only triggers the update download process. MetaDefender Core instances have their own scheduler settings to get update from OPSWAT Central Management.

  • To have MetaDefender Core instances immediately get the updates from OPSWAT Central Management, in OPSWAT Central Management console at Inventory > MetaDefender Core, select the MetaDefender Core instances that should get the update and select Update Engine from the ACTIONS dropdown menu.

Folder Updater


The folder updater will automatically import the module updates based on the managed MetaDefender Core instances from the specified folder in Location to the module update pool displayed at Inventory > MetaDefender Core Modules.

The folder updater includes a scheduler function to determine at which time the updater should push module updates to the managed MetaDefender Core instances.

PUSH NOW immediately pushes the available module updates to the managed MetaDefender Core instances.

Delete files after import

If selected, the files of imported modules are deleted from the folder set in Location after the import process finishes.

OPSWAT Central Management continuously watches the configured folder for modification. Whenever the contents of the directory are modified, OPSWAT Central Mangement will attempt to import the new files as module updates.

Manual Updater

Selecting the Manual option will turn off any automatic update mechanisms.


Ad-hoc updates

Regardless of the update source selected, module updates can always be uploaded and installed manually.