Delivering module updates to MetaDefender Core instances

The following guideline describes how to deliver module updates to MetaDefender Core instances.

  1. In the MetaDefender Core management page, select the connected instances that need to be updated by ticking their checkboxes.

  2. Select Update Engine from the ACTIONS drop-down menu.

  3. In the Update Engine dialog, select the update method:

    • Direct update from Central Management updater: Update the MetaDefender Core instances with the module updates already downloaded to in OPSWAT Central Management. Please refer to Module Updater for more details.

    • Mediate update from MetaDefender Core server: Manually upload the module updates that will be delivered to MetaDefender Core instances.

  4. This step differs depending on the method chosen.

    1. Direct Update: Enter the PIN and confirm the update process by selecting UPDATE.

    2. Mediate Update:

      1. Drag-and-drop or click on Browse to select the update files. Select Next to proceed to the next step.

      2. Enter the PIN and confirm the update process by selecting UPDATE.

  5. OPSWAT Central Management console will display a notification when the delivery process is complete.

For each updated module, the mediate update function requires both the actual update file (an archive file format such as .zip) and the update information file (.yml format).

The direct update function only works with MetaDefender Core instances from version 4.16.0.

For mediate update, there is a file size upload limit of 1536 MB and a timeout limit of 6 minutes.