4.2.3. User Directories

The User Directories menu allow users to add or remove user directories, change which user directories are currently enabled, and edit their settings.

The User Directories menu is a tab located in the User Management menu.


User Directories define the locations where user data is stored. There are two type of user directories.

  • Local: User data is located locally within OPSWAT Central Management's database.

  • Active Directory: User data is stored on an Active Directory service.

The RELEASE LOCKOUT button resets the lockout status of all users. Lockout refers to the security measure that prevents users from logging in after exceeding the maximum number of allowable failed login attempts.

To enable or disable user directories, click on the ENABLE slider.

To delete user directories, tick the checkboxes on their entries and select Delete in the ACTIONS drop-down menu.

All user belong to deleted AD will also be deleted

A user directory with at least one currently logged in user cannot be disabled or deleted.

To edit user directories, tick the checkboxes on their entries and select Edit from the gear icon. The edit interface is similar to the ADD NEW USER DIRECTORY menu. Please refer to Adding User Directory for more information. Modify the settings as needed and select UPDATE to confirm the changes.