Remote Install OPSWAT Products

Administrators can install OPSWAT products remotely through the OPSWAT Central Management console. The host machine for the OPSWAT Product must meet the system requirements and have OpenSSH Server enabled.

System requirements on an OPSWAT Products' host machine:


  • Windows 10 ; Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016

  • Powershell 5.1 or higher

  • OpenSSH Server is enabled on the host machine


  • The latest version of RHEL 7.7 or Ubuntu 18.04

  • The packages bash, wget (or curl), and openssh-server are installed and enabled on the host machine

Administrators can follow the below steps to install an OPSWAT product on a remote machine through OPSWAT Central Management console. Note that while these steps are demonstrated with the MetaDefender Kiosk product, you can apply the same process for other OPSWAT Products such as MetaDefender Core and Vault.

  1. Go to the MetaDefender Kiosk management page under Inventory in the sidebar.

  2. Click the ADD NEW INSTANCE button in the top right panel.


  3. The dialog Add Kiosk will be opened. Select the Remotely install a new Instance button.


  4. Fill the proper inputs and click the TEST CONNECTION button to check the connection status.


    • Name: The name of the new Kiosk instance.

    • Server Address: The server address of the remoted device.

    • Username, Password: The credentials used to access the remoted device.

    • Installer URL: The URL to download MetaDefender Kiosk.

  5. The dialog will be closed and the Kiosk management page will be reloaded automatically if the result is successful.

  6. For MetaDefender Kiosk version 4.3.0 and above, a unique API Key is required to connect to OPSWAT Central Management. Log into the remoted device and retrieve the API Key from the User Management menu. Click Generate to get the API Key


  7. Click on the gear icon in the new kiosk's entry in the Kiosk Management page on your OPSWAT Central Management. Select Edit.

  8. Enter the new API Key retrieved from step 6 into the API Key entry for MetaDefender Kiosk version 4.3.0 and above. For older versions, please enter "admin".

  9. The status of the Kiosk is Connected after fetching the version of this Kiosk instance successfully.