11. Release notes

MetaDefender Core v4.17.1

Release Date: 06 Jan 2020

This is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes

New features / Behavior changes


Archive extraction error details

Being tired of hitting failed scan without knowing reason on archive files? Now the archive extraction failure could be populated on both UI and JSON response level.

Advanced engine configurations enhancement

We are making your life easier with UI interactive and schema based for advanced engine settings, Let's think about Deep CDR configurations with ton of settings to tweak by just clicking, we know you have been waiting for that long enough.

Proactive DLP engine integration enhancement

Get product ready for upcoming cool features from Proactive-DLP

MetaDefender Cloud integration enhancement

MetaDefender Cloud API version 4 upgraded (API version 2 will be deprecated in Jan 2020)

Engine integration enhancement to avoid product crash

We are working very hard behind the scene to enhance things and avoid unexpected product crashes. Actually no crash should be expected.

User validation update for file and batch processing

File scan and batch init endpoint API is now validated on API key input when that key information is available.

More ready for adding password back to sanitized archive and document files

Stay tuned, we are getting closer working on the back-end stuff to make this feature happen to end-users as a configurable setting on UI.

Minor UI update

  • No longer need to hit "Show result" to expand and see scan result, it's now right on the scan result page with tagging style

  • Hint text of tool tip for Threat Intelligence updated

  • More description text for sanitization details when nothing to sanitize

Bug fixes

Core could become unavailable to clients when under high load

Data communication channel between Core and Node service could be broken when under high load, some fixes and enhancement made to reduce this, and we keep working on this to optimize product operations.

Processing giant files (> 50 GB) could be stuck at hash calculation

Hash calculation with pre-set timeout value (10 minutes) could be exceeded when processing giant files (> 50 GB) and then stuck at 5% forever. But now Core should be able to process ten times of that without any problem.

Scan could be failed with "not available" result for File type analysis when under certain circumstances

  • When handling archive files with empty folder(s) nested (fixed on this version).

  • File type processing takes too long exceeding pre-set timeout and messed up with retry mechanism on Node (fixed on this version).

  • Product resource manager has some inner issues while processing reference of object (issue found, working on a fix).

Memory leak issue on Core process

Found and fixed all potential memory leak issues found via scheduled checks.

Temporary files not cleaned up when archive extraction timed out

When archive extraction timed out, processing files extracted from archive could be leftover without cleaning up properly.

Webhook continuous fixes and updates

  • Redundant warning log messages populated even when not using webhook mode

  • Core could be crashed itself when trying to close a not-found bath with callback

  • Callback sent to client with wrong status when Core is restarted

Visibility level smaller than full details might break batch result display

When setting visibility level smaller than "Full details" under workflow rule, batch_id could be missing leads to wrong batch details display on UI

Minor UI fixes

  • The field "File Password" on the file processing UI not cleared up after empty file selected