11. Release notes

MetaDefender Core v4.17.3

Release Date: 06 Apr 2020

This is a maintenance release primarily focused on bug fixes

New features / Behavior changes


Configurable setting to run database optimization

Database optimization has been introduced since Core 4.17.0 to help run database queries faster. The downside is while running (for a few seconds), Core queries hold up causing possibly timeout on client side.

This new setting allows users setting specific time to run database optimization task (to avoid peak hours), or just disable to prevent this task from running (to avoid performance degradation while running). Learn more how to configure: 3.2.1. Startup Core Configuration

Scan database rollback mechanism

In some circumstances (e.g. Core crashes, out of disk/memory etc.), the atomicity of product database could be compromised causing inconsistent processing scan history returned. Rollback mechanism helps retain that atomicity of database.

Logging improvement with configurable settings

  • Log rotation for Core, Node, Nginx web server logs (Configurable settings supported). Learn more how to configure: 3.2.1. Startup Core Configuration and 3.2.2. Startup Node Configuration

  • More comprehensive support package (to include engine and database info, Nginx web server info).

  • More informative log message on sanitization related tasks.

  • Sensitive info redacted (on debug level logging mode).

  • Performance impacted warning on both MetaDefender Core GUI and logs when the scan database (ometascan.db.sqlite) starts growing up big (>10 GB).

Webhook mode continuous refinement

  • Retry to send scan results to client upon network interim disconnected.

  • Resend file scan results to client after Core service restarted.

New download mechanism for Processing History on MetaDefender Core management console

Support IE / Edge web browsers to download processing history report.

MetaDefender Drive use-case better support when engine packages corrupted

Support to re-new engine packages to re-download engine packages again when corrupted (due to upon unexpected reboot).

Central Management v7 support to revert download source when unhooked

Respect skipped scan settings (Whitelist / Blacklist) to keep backward compatibility, and also save Core resource for processing files as well.

RoleIDs JSON field validated when creating / modifying user

Effective to POST /admin/user and POST /user endpoint REST APIs. Role ID value must be an array of strings according to current user guide.

Account name value validated on Core wizard setup

Effective to "Admin User Setup" screen during wizard setup, "Account name" validated against special characters (e.g. @ & \)

Better support for sanitized file download when under load

When under load and certain circumstance with system write failed, the sanitized download on the same file might return 404 HTTP response (not found) to client. Enhanced our Core caching mechanism to ensure next time sanitization on the same file will not rely on the previous failed time.

Minor UI changes

  • Hide "Edit Workflow" button in "Workflow Templates Management" screen

  • Remove space between date and time in "Definition date" field on "Modules" screen

Bug fixes

Data tunnel between Node and engines could be lost under high load

When occurred, expecting to see " process communication timed out" message repeatedly in Node log, and none of engines could be able to scan files.

Node crashed when swapping engines during update

Node could be crashed under certain circumstances, applied to swapping engine instances during update.

File processing was stuck at 95%

Encountered when custom engine stopped its process, all of running tasks on that engine becomes stuck, or when ClamAV engine can't return consistent scan result during its engine update.

Overflow issue with unexpected inputs

Overflow value issue could occur within product causing unexpected behavior or result.

Unexpected result with non-ASCII password protected document scanning

When occurred, document file could not be sanitized properly.

Proactive DLP displayed wrong result within archive scanning

When occurred, Proactive DLP engine could return misleading result (Not scanned) while archive file processing result is "Sensitive Data Found".

Session expired on IE / Edge web browser

When session cleared out, authenticated users could be logged out repeatedly due to session expired error on MetaDefender Core management console.