11. Release notes

MetaDefender Core v4.16.0

Release Date: 08 July 2019

This is a feature release primarily focused on enhancements.

New features

Proactive DLP engine (ver 2.0) integration

Fully support end-to-end the new generation of DLP technology - Proactive DLP version 2.0 including features:

  • Detection with uncertainty score

  • Watermarking

  • Redaction

  • Metadata removal

Password policy enforcement

Local users to be enforced for password policy (in order to meet required security compliance)

Support archive partial sanitization for Vault and Email integration

Distinguishing partial and full sanitization result on archive on both API and UI level. By leveraging this, MetaDefender Email and Vault are now able to support admin users with a better sanitized archive file revision tool.

New REST API for local update server source

Supporting Central Management v7.x integration for engine updates

Better handle archive sanitization timeout

Gently stop timed-out archive compression thread without failing other running tasks handled by archive engine

Support configurable settings for archive extraction and compression parallel count

Throttle maximum number of threads working with archive engine separately for extraction and compression

Enhance syslog message format

Syslog message format is enhanced with standardized timestamp format and messageID added for troubleshooting guidance

Retouch UI

  • Support Proactive DLP with all features' outcome

  • Scan result badge with new items added (Proactive DLP)

  • Technologies name changed (Deep CDR, Proactive DLP, File-based vulnerability assessment, Metascan)

Better logging with timeout on engines

Event of timeout occurs on any engine which could possibly in engine process termination is now logged properly

Enhance logic to apply engine definition files

Support engines to load their database more effectively (i.e. Symantec)

Bug fixes


Wrong outcome when archive engine process unexpectedly stopped

When engine process is ever unexpectedly stopped, the final scan result will no longer return meaningless or empty fields

Wrong UI result on sanitization timeout

Fixed UI issue to return wrong info when sanitization timeout occurs

Memory leak issue on engine package uploading

On some circumstances engine packages uploading could create memory leak issue