Process Files via Web Interface

Once you open your browser and go to the MetaDefender Core server's URL the public file processing
interface will be displayed. images/download/attachments/37404783/image2018-2-1_15-16-23.png Scan

Choose what to process and how

There are two option fields in the middle of the page. Next to them there is the PROCESS FILE button.
With the leftmost option you can select between the available workflows for the public file processing.
These workflows are determined by the MetaDefender Core administrators, so it is possible that only one
workflow will be available for public scanning, or even none.

The next option is where you choose the file to scan. Click on the SELECT A FILE button
and browse to the file to be scanned.

Start processing

When ready click on the PROCESS FILE button. A progress bar will appear.

Progress of scanning

Once the file is uploaded the file will be scanned.

On the left you will see a circle with text in it. The outer circle will start filling up, indicating that scanning is in progress. Once the circle is full, the scan is complete.

The color of the circle and the text inside refer to possible threats found in the file.

The numbers in the circle represent how many of the active AV engines found a threat inside
the object, A/B where A is the number of engines which found the file harmful and B is the number of all
active engines.

To the right to the circle you will find some details of the uploaded file generated by MetaDefender Core.

At the bottom of the page a list of the active AV engines will be displayed along with the details of each related to the object scanned.