Individual file processing

By default, REST Client is expected to keep querying Core for analysis result upon file submission (polling mode), but client can switch from polling to webhooks mode by setting callbackurl header mentioned in Process a file .

When configured properly on file analysis request, Core will proactively send callback to client's specified URL (method: POST) with the full analysis result, whenever that analysis is finished. The client will no longer need to keep querying Core for temporary analysis results (polling).

Successful response

HTTP status code: 200

"data_id": "61dffeaa728844adbf49eb090e4ece0e"

Error response

Callback URL is invalid

HTTP status code: 400

"err": "Callback url is invalid."

When analysis is finished on MetaDefender Core, POST request will be made to the specified URL address (that was passed as callbackurl header in file submission request). The body of the request will contain the full analysis result. See more about full scan result example at Fetch processing result