Why does the deployment ID appear NULL In MetaDefender Core v4?

MetaDefender Core's license activation/trial key request depends on the deployment ID. The deployment ID can be NULL if MetaDefender core couldn't fetch the required HW/OS related information. Most of the time, this issue is caused by not having a default route set up. To see if you already have a default route or if you want to set up one on your own, please click the link below if you are running MetaDefender Core on Windows:


To see the default route and/or your network settings under a Linux distribution, please consult your distribution's administrator guide.

Note: OPSWAT recommends enabling at least one network card when using MetaDefender Core v4, even if it's not linked to any network.

This article pertains to MetaDefender Core v4
This product was last updated on 2019-12-23