Fetch processing result

Starting with MetaDefender Core 4.19.1, the JSON response for analysis result will include processing time on each major workflow processing step.

For example:

"processing_time": 503,
"av_scan_time": 51,
"cdr_time": 154,
"dlp_time": 248,
"others_time": 49,
"vul_time": 1


  • "av_scan_time": AV engines' processing time

  • "cdr_time": Deep CDR engine's sanitization time

  • "dlp_time": Proactive DLP engine's processing time

  • "vul_time": Vulnerability engine's lookup time

  • "others_time":

    • File type analysis

    • External scanner (if configured)

    • Post action (if configured)

    • Internal processing within Core/Node components themselves

Note: processing_time does not include file upload time and hash calculation time.