Use RAMDISK for the tempdirectory

In order to improve the file scan speed, a custom tempdirectory can be set for Metadefender Core.

Instructions for windows

Step 1:

Create a RAMDISK on your system.

We recommend the following tool for this:

After installation, use the ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver application, to create a new RAMDISK.


Mount new virtual disk:


After disk creation, windows will ask you to format the new disk.


Step 2:

Create, or edit the following registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OPSWAT\Metascan Node\global\tempdirectory

where tempdirectory should be a string value with a desired location, for example: Z:\tempDir



The recommended minimum size for the tempdirectory is at least 10GB, and also:

  • For non archive files: the average file size * 40

  • For archive files: the average archive size * 200

Step 3:

The changes to take effect restart the OPSWAT Metadefender Code Node service.

After the service restart, your custom directory will be used for temporary file storage during file scan.