Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable requirement for Deep CDR 5.8 or newer

How to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable?

Visit the Microsoft website to download installers, we recommend customers to download and install both 64bit and 32bit for future usage although the 64bit version needed for Deep CDR:

If the installation process requires the system to be restarted, you can ignore it.
You don’t need to restart MetaDefender service either, there is NO downtime for your running systems.

What happens if you haven't installed Visual C++ 2017?

Case 1: If you have a fresh installation of MetaDefender Core, the CDR 5.8+ engine will be marked as “permanent_failed” and Deep CDR module cannot be used:


Case 2: If you have a working version of CDR 5.7.4 or older, the new CDR 5.8+ will be marked as “permanently failed” but the Deep CDR will still work using the older version, unless you disable/re-enable the engine.

If you disable/reenable the engine, the old CDR module will be deleted and replaced by the new one, going back to "Case 1" mentioned above.


What should you do if you can't install Visual C++ 2017?

If no outage is allowed or you require more time to go through the approval process to install the Visual C++ 2017 requirement, you have the option to “Pin the engine”, which will lock the Deep CDR module to the current version. Make sure you pin the engine, not the database. Once the requirement is met, you can unpin it and MetaDefender Core will download and rollout the new Deep CDR version.


More details about the Pin function:

What should you do if Deep CDR 5.8+ becomes "permanently failed"?

As we mentioned above, if you accidentally disable/re-enable the engine, the engine will become "permanently failed" and cannot be used anymore. Please follow the next steps in order to get the CDR engine back in production:

  • if you can install Visual C++ 2017, just install it. After installing the dependency, please disable/re-enable the engine so the CDR 5.8+ can be deployed successfully.

  • if you cannot install Visual C++ 2017, you need to perform the following steps to get CDR 5.7.4 back in production:

    • Temporarily stop "automatic update" on MetaDefender Core by accessing Settings > Update Settings and setting the Update Mode to “Manual”)

    • Follow this KB to clean up current Deep CDR version, choose ds_X_Y to clean

    • Manually upload CDR 5.7.4 engine package:

      • Contact Customer Support to provide you with the CDR 5.7.4 package

      • Extract the received archive ( cdr_5_7_4_windows.7z ) to a temporary location

      • Access the MetaDefender Core UI > Inventory > Modules

      • Click on Upload Package and select the two files extracted in the temporary location

    • Pin the engine so that new Deep CDR releases won’t overwrite the 5.7.4 version.

    • Turn on the automatic updates back on from the MetaDefender Core UI > Settings > Update Settings.

If you have followed all of these steps and your engines are still unusable, please see how to create a support package, login into OPSWAT Portal and open a ticket with us, having the support package attached.

This article applies to MetaDefender Core v4 Windows
This article was last updated on 2020-03-27