2.3. Upgrading MetaDefender Core

Upgrading from MetaDefender Core 3.x to 4.x

To upgrade from MetaDefender Core 3.x a separate license is necessary.

Your configuration cannot be migrated to the new version. Read through the configuration section for your possibilities.

The two versions have different feature sets. It is advisable to check the differences and your requirements before upgrading.

If you decide to upgrade to MetaDefender Core 4.x, you will need a separate installation. Note that no database migration tool exists yet.

Upgrading from MetaDefender Core older version to 4.18.0 (SQLite)

To upgrade from a former version of MetaDefender Core 4.x a simple installation of the latest version is enough.

All existing MetaDefender Core configuration and data will be kept during the upgrade.

Downgrading your MetaDefender Core 4.x is not supported.

Please note that only those default workflow templates will be upgraded on MetaDefender Core v4 upgrade that have been not edited via workflow editor.

Upgrading from MetaDefender Core 4.18.0 or older (SQLite) to 4.19.0 or newer (PostgreSQL):

To upgrade from a former version to 4.19.0 or newer, running installer of the latest version is enough.

Since we have changed the DBMS (SQLite to PostgreSQL) between 2 versions, thus expecting to give/decide all database information for PostgreSQL server to the new MetaDefender Core.

Please refer to 2.2.2. MetaDefender Core 4.19.0 or newer for detailed instructions.

Database migration

Upon finished the product installation step, MetaDefender Core will automatically trigger to run database migration in the background.

While it is still running, if browsing to MetaDefender Core home page (e.g. http://localhost:8008), MetaDefener Core will redirect user to database migration UI screen for the migration percentage progress and final outcome.


Just in case the migration failed at any step, you should collect and submit the migration log with your SQLite database files as instructed on the UI screen to OPSWAT support for troubleshooting.

Upgrading from MetaDefender Core 4.19.0 to newer (PostgreSQL):

To upgrade from a former version to 4.19.0 or newer, running installer of the latest version is enough.