Engine clean-up instructions

This tool only works on MetaDefender Core 4.18.0 and older.
For Metadefender Core 4.19.0+, please use the instructions at https://onlinehelp.opswat.com/corev4/Engine_Clean-up_Tool.html

Sometimes, during the engines downloading/deployment process, some of them may remain in "failed" or "permanently failed" status.
In this case, you can perform an engine clean-up by downloading the engine_sweeper tool and following the next steps:

  1. Extract the engine_sweeper.zip package to a temporary location on the server where MetaDefender Core is installed

  2. Open a Command Prompt window as Administrator and navigate to the temporary folder where you have extracted the archive

  3. Run the command ometascan-engine-sweeper.exe -l to display a list of all installed engines


  4. Run the command ometascan-engine-sweeper.exe -e <engine name from above> -c to clean the engine having the issues
    Note: During the cleanup process, the MetaDefender Core and Node services will be restarted, and the Updates Settings Source will be set to "Manual"


  5. Check the engine in Inventory > Modules as it should now be grey. (e.g. Deep CDR in the following screenshot)


  6. Revert your Updates Settings Source from "Manual" to your previous setting and trigger an update, for the engine to re-deploy successfully

  7. More parameters that can be used with this tool can be found in the next screenshot


If you have followed all of these steps and your engines are still unusable, please see how to create a support package, login into OPSWAT Portal and open a ticket with us, having the support package attached.

This article applies to MetaDefender Core Windows v4.18.0 and older
This article was last updated on 2020-09-30