11.2 Proactive DLP Release Notes

Proactive DLP features such as redaction and watermark are available with MetaDefender 4.16 or newer.
The features in v2.1 are available with MetaDefender 4.17 or newer.


  • Supports IPv4, Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) detection

  • Supports remove metadata for TIFF, GIF file

  • Redact sensitive information based on certainty level

  • Better CCN detection


  • Better watermark and redaction handling when a system is under high load

  • Improved CCN detection


  • Proactive DLP as new name

  • Certainty score for sensitive data detection

  • Redact sensitive information for text-based PDF file

  • Watermark addition for JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF

  • Supports remove metadata for JPG, PNG file


  • Improved detection for Microsoft Access format

  • Improved context for hits

  • Improved processing speed (20%)