Why don't I see the Data Sanitization engine in MetaDefender Core v4?

The Data Sanitization engine was introduced in MetaDefender Core v4 in release v4.5.1. You should see it as an engine listed in your Modules(Technologies) tab in the management console: from the sidebar menu, go to Inventory → Modules(Technologies).

If you have upgraded to v4.5.1 or newer from an older release and the Data Sanitization engine is missing, you will need to deactivate and then reactivate MetaDefender. You do this by following these steps:

  • Access the MetaDefender Core Management Console by typing the following link into a browser: http://localhost:8008/ or http://:8008/ depending on your setup (this could be https://your_host_name:8008 ).

  • From the left panel, click on Settings -> License

  • In the upper right corner, click on Activate (or click on the drop-down list if you can't see the "Activate" option)

  • Introduce your license key and how many nodes you want to use with this Core instance (the specified number should be less than or equal to your free license slots for this product)

To check the status of the Data Sanitization engine, you can go to Inventory → Modules(Technologies).

If after following these steps Data Sanitization is not available, please feel free to log a ticket with us on the OPSWAT Portal.

This article pertains to MetaDefender Core v4.5.1 and above

This article was last updated on 2019-10-06