Possible Issues on Nodes

Q. Node detected 3rd party product on system

Scan node detected that a 3rd party protection product is installed on the same system where the node is. This product blocks the scan node from proper functioning.


A 3rd party product blocks our operation. The node or some of the engines can not access the file that are currently under processing.


The blocking product should be uninstalled or disabled for the resource directory of node to work properly.

Other solution might be to exclude the specific directory mentioned in the description from the real-time scanning.

How to recover node:

After doing the necessary steps the node should work correctly, no further steps needed. The notification about the issue will disappear within a few minutes, when the node detects the blocking was eliminated.

Q. There is no scan node connected

To ensure that Metadefender nodes can connect Metadefender Core check the following:

  1. Check if your license allows connecting as many nodes as you need.

  2. Check if node service is running properly both on Core Server side and on remote machines, if any. Start/restart them, if necessary. For details visit windows or packages.

  3. Check if your node configuration is valid. For more information see Startup Node Configuration.

  4. In case of having running nodes on remote machines check firewall settings to have necessary ports open. For port settings see Startup Core Configuration.

  5. Check node log for further details.

If none of the above solves connecting issues then create a support package for submitting OPSWAT. For details on doing so see How to Create Support Package?.