3.9. Configuring proxy settings

Following instructions are no longer valid since MetaDefender Core 4.19.0 or above.

Please refer to 3.12.2 Proxy Configuration to learn how MetaDefender Core could allow you to control your proxy configurations yourself on the product.

How can I set proxy server for the product


Set variables https_proxy in file /etc/default/ometascan

Restart ometascan service to take effect


Under Windows use the netsh tool to set the proxy, e.g.: netsh winhttp set proxy <ADDRESS>

In some cases setting the proxy with netsh is not sufficient. In that case set the proxy by starting Internet Explorer with SYSTEM rights and configure the proxy in the settings. To do this please follow this article.

You might need to configure Windows proxy to bypass local addresses if you can't access Web Management Console from the host itself. Consult netsh documentation for additional configuration options.