How do I remove an engine from my MetaDefender v4 instance?

MetaDefender v4 downloads engines based on the license key activated on the system. If an engine is manually removed, MetaDefender Core v4 will automatically download the engine again the next time it updates.

In order to completely remove an engine so it will disappear from the engine list and no engine files are left on the system or downloaded again, you will need to get a new license key that does not include the engine. Please contact OPSWAT support.

To create a support ticket, please follow the steps below :

  1. Navigate to

  2. From the dropdown select MetaDefender Core v4 for Linux/Windows.

  3. Fill in the required fields.

  4. Fill in the section labeled "OPSWAT License Information".

  5. Click Submit.

A support engineer should get back to you with a new license or a request for more information shortly after you've created this ticket.

This article applies to MetaDefender Core v4
This article was last updated on 2019-07-05