2.2. Installing MetaDefender


  1. Download the package of your choice from the OPSWAT portal

  2. Install the package on your computer via the Command Line or via the Install Wizard

  3. Open a web browser and point to http://<server name or IP>:<port>

  4. Complete the required steps of the basic configuration wizard

  5. You must activate this deployment to use its features

Installation notes

  • If the Metadefender package dependencies are not installed on your system you may need to have a working Internet connection or you may have to provide the Installation media during the installation. Consult your Operating System documentation on how to use Installation media as a package repository.

  • Metadefender installer already contains the Node part of the system. In a single computer deployment you don't need to separately install the Metadefender Node on your computer. To install additional instances, please see Multi-node deployment page.

  • During installation the databases might need to be upgraded. This could take noticeable time depending on database size (eg.: length of scan history).

  • If Metadefender Kiosk is installed on the host where Metadefender v4 is to be installed on, then be aware the default port (8009) used by Metadefender Kiosk and Metadefender (before version v4.9.0) for accepting external node connections is the same.