How to read the Central Management log?

MetaDefender Central Management generates log files under /var/log/mdcentralmgmt. The log files are plain text files that can be opened with any text editor.


The Central Manager generates a log file under /var/log/mdcentralmgmt named mdcentralmgmt.log.


In the log, each line represents a log message sent by the server or agent. Depending on the log file, the format of the line is as follows:



[INFO   ] 2015.11.18 15:46:06.026: (mgmt.instance) Instance status gathered, url='http://localhost:8008/', product='    
 Core v4', version='4.1.0' [msgid: 786]

The different values are:

  • LEVEL : the severity of the message

  • TIMESTAMP : The date value when the log entry was sent

  • COMPONENT : which component sent the entry

  • MESSAGE : the verbose string of the entry's message

  • MESSAGE ID : the unique ID of this log entry

Severity levels of log entries

Depending on the reason for the log entry, there are different types of severity levels.

Based on the configuration, the following levels are possible:

  • DUMP : The most verbose severity level, these entries are for debuggers only

  • DEBUG : Debugger's severity level, mostly used by support issues

  • INFO : Information from the software, such as scan results

  • WARNING : A problem occurred needs investigation and OPSWAT support must be contacted, however the product is supposed to be operational

  • ERROR : Software error happened, please contact support if the issue persists. Software functionality may be downgraded in these cases

This article pertains to MetaDefender Central Management
This article was last updated on 2018-03-28