5.2.10 Version 5.2.7

5.2.7 Central Management release

11 Apr, 2019

Central Management 5.2.7 is a feature release to providing a processing history page to collect all scan logs from MetaDefender Core instances. In addition, this release introduces features for searching, filtering and exporting scan logs to CSV.

Other enhancements include features such as, importing configurations selected as default when adding an instance and license setting enhancements

New features

Processing a history page with filtering, searching and exporting options

Central Management can now display scan history from all MetaDefender Core instances.


Import configuration is made by default

When adding a new instance to a group. Option import configuration is ticked by default


Adding an API to support CM migration to OPSWAT Central Management in future

Developing an User info API to support migrating user data from Central Management to OPSWAT Central Management


Set number of agents for unlimited license activation

In case of activating CM with an unlimited license, the number of agent will be set to 999

Auto-detect CDR configuration

Auto-detect configuration of CDR in case that the configuration is lost due to network issues or engine enabled after adding a Core to CM