5.2.8 Version 5.2.5

5.2.5 Central Management release

04 January, 2019

Central Management 5.2.5 is a feature release to providing language editing for MetaDefender Kiosk. In addition, this provides some enhancement in UI.

New features

Ability to export Update History to Excel

User can export Update History to CSV file format.


Improve Management of Client Instances

Provide sorting functionality for the following columns:

  • Instance Name

  • Product Version

  • Last Seen


Enhanced Logging for Central Management

Add more log messages and show more detailed information.

Edit the language setting of MetaDefender Kiosk from Central Management

Add a feature to edit language settings of MetaDefender Kiosk

Update User Guide: Adding MetaDefender Kiosk

MetaDefender Kiosk does not have username/password, so we must fill 'API KEY' field instead

Update User Guide: UI Localization / Customization for MetaDefender Kiosk

Describe how to edit language of MetaDefender Kiosk from Central Management


Active Directory binds password is in clear text

Fixed password in clear text, and thus it is now hidden.