4.4. Inventory management


Under the Inventory > Engines menu Central Management displays detailed information about scan engines and technologies including anti-malware engines, archive engines, utilities, etc.

On the Engines page all the licensed engines are listed with their details:

  • ENGINE: The name of the engine,

  • TYPE: the Type of the engine. The possible types are:

    • Archive engine,

    • Anti-malware engine,

    • Data sanitization engine,

    • Filetype detection engine,

    • Utility engine,

    • Vulnerability detection engine,

  • PLATFORM: Operating system platform the engine runs on,

  • VERSION: Engine version,

  • DATABASE: Database version the engine is using,

  • ENABLED: Enabled/disabled status of the engine.


The following functions are available:

  1. UPDATE ALL: To manually trigger update of engine and database packages, click on the UPDATE ALL button.

  2. UPLOAD PACKAGE: To install engine or database packages of your own, select the UPLOAD PACKAGE option.

  3. Enable / Disable: Engines can be disabled (and re-enabled afterwards) by clicking on the images/download/thumbnails/36838037/font-awesome_4-7-0_check_22_0_2672fb_none.png (Enable) or images/download/thumbnails/36838037/font-awesome_4-7-0_times_22_0_2672fb_none.png (Disable) button.

    How to find the Enable / Disable button

    To make the Enable or Disable button visible, hover over the line of the engine. The button will appear at the end of the line:


    Disabled status

    When an engine is disabled neither the engine nor the corresponding database package is updated. Enabled status of the engine is marked by images/download/attachments/36838037/font-awesome_4-7-0_check_22_0_2ecc71_none.png , while disabled status is marked by images/download/attachments/36838037/font-awesome_4-7-0_times_22_0_95a5a6_none.png .

In case of having a MetaDefender Core v3 database update for which remote engine update is not supported, engine version information is not shown.