5.2.4 Version 5.2.1

5.2.1 Central Management release

13 July, 2018

Central Management 5.2.0 is a maintenance release most importantly to fix the configuration update issue of instances not supporting schema upgrades.


Configuration update –of instances not supporting schema upgrades– may break

Central Management 5.1.1 introduced to periodically upgrade schema version of instances: with this feature it was no more necessary to re-connect instances to Central Management after the change of configuration capabilities. This feature kept the configuration descriptor (schema) on the latest possible version allowed by all of the instances of a certain product.

Given by a bug introduced in 5.1.2, instances that do not support the schema upgrade were not taken into consideration when this latest possible schema version was selected. As a consequence, configuration possibility of instances not supporting the schema upgrade may have been broken as the configuration descriptor enforced by Central Management could be on a version, that was not understood by the instance.