5.2.3 Version 5.2.0

5.2.0 Central Management release

29 June, 2018

Central Management 5.2.0 is a major feature release primarily providing central license management capabilities.

New & improved

Support for centralized license management

Central Management –and related products– are now capable to distribute and handle product licenses centrally, by Central Management.

It means, for example, that when the licensed engines change for managed MetaDefender (Core) products, then there is no need for re-activating each and every instance manually: the license upgrade is performed by Central Management automatically.

Central license management does not require administrator involvement, it is performed automatically by the system.

For further details see 4.7. Central license management.

Welcome wizard for administrator onboarding

After a successful installation and before the Web Management Console can be put into practice, a basic configuration wizard is available on the port of the product. This wizard will guide the administrator through the most important configuration steps of the product.

For further details see 1.1.1. Basic configuration wizard or watch the video clip.

Drive admin in case of non-activated instance

Unless the license of Central Management is activated, the Web Management Console will start with opening the Activation dialog at every administrator login. This will give the hint to the administrator that the license must be activated first, before the product can be used.

For further details see 2.4.1. Activating licenses or watch the video clip.

Known issues

Assign users to custom Kiosk workflows

Central Management is not yet capable to assign member users to custom Kiosk workflows.

As a workaround, custom Kiosk workflows were removed from under Central Management control with Kiosk version 4.2.2.

For details see Kiosk section in 4.5. Product integration limitations.