5.2.2. Version 5.1.2

5.1.2 Central Management release

04 June, 2018

Central Management 5.1.2 is a maintenance release. Most importantly it fixes a critical issue found in the previous version: Central Management could not update the configuration (except on one specific MetaDefender (Core) and on specific Email Security versions) of instances.



Configuration update fails on managed instances

Caused by a configuration descriptor (schema) related mistake, Central Management could update the configuration of MetaDefender (Core) version 4.10.1 (or newer) and Email Security version 4.2.1 (or newer) instances only.

For any other product instances and versions, the update failed.

Failed to upgrade schema version warnings in Update History

Central Management 5.1.1 introduced support for automated periodic schema upgrades. Central Management tries to upgrade the schema version even if it is not supported by the instance yet. In this case Central Management erroneously added the Failed to upgrade schema version warning message to the Update History.